Daniel Dorfner
Daniel Dorfner
Digital Artist

About Me


I'm an experienced Digital Artist, who contributed to many projects across multiple platforms and purposes. (Automotive, Games, Medical Visualization, Design Development, Studies).
My goal is always to create stunning, believable artwork.

I want to work with ambitioned and creative people.

- concepting and developing ideas
- interested in new technology and lerning
- think strategically with strong creativity
- team and relationship building

client list

Techvis, VW, Mainworks München, Fireflow, EDAG, studio Fizbin, Two Four, CyanCor, M.Ponciano, KFZ-Technik Thamm, Hiro Games, Lion Studios, Ronny Jesse, Zoot CGI, Weltenbauer, Shockwork Studios, Wolftech IT, Element Audio, Silent Dreams
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